How Bethany Faber Events Began!

Well, I started this as an Instagram post but it became so long, it had to be a blog post! If you are curious about how and and why I started Bethany Faber Events, and what makes me different, keep reading!

Last night, someone asked me how I got started as a wedding planner. I am pretty passionate about my story. The REAL story, not the watered down elevator pitch version. So I thought that I would share it with you all because I believe that it is MY story that sets me apart from many of the other planners out there. So here it goes-In 2013 I got a job as the director of Dresser Mansion. I honestly didn't truly know what I was getting myself into but I was SO excited that I got the job and was determined to be the best and make the venue the best. We had about 100 weddings a year and I consulted with every single one of those brides! I worked some of the events and got to see what made a wedding run smoothly and what made a wedding disaster. I worked with the best and the worst of vendors! My passion for making sure that every single wedding ran smoothly often resulted in me jumping in and taking over certain aspects that weren't technically my job, or sometimes, suppose to be someone else that they were actually paying to do. Some were just friends that were acting as coordinator for the day, some were professionals that were amazing! And some “professionals” asked me how to do so much, that I wondered why they were getting paid to be the coordinator.

I knew that my brides needed someone who was knowledgeable, professional, and affordable to help them navigate all the details of the wedding day and execute it. Someone who wasn’t family or friend that could give an unbiased opinion based on experience and fact. There is a lot to do to get ready for a wedding before the wedding day even arrives, and if you don’t have the knowledge and experience, it can be overwhelming and too mind boggling to even know what to do! I often sat down with brides and they would come to me with their “impossible” list or start stressing out about something but by the end of the meeting I would hear “okay, I feel so much better and I can do this!”. I would evaluate the situation and most of the time, was a simple fix. But it was simple for me, not someone who doesn’t know the answer.

After two years of seeing it all, I decided to start offering coordination to the brides I was already working with! I kept it pretty simple and discrete at first. But after a few, I knew I wanted to do more! But then I found out I was pregnant, so the coordination was put on hold for a little bit once baby arrived. Although, I continued to work at the wedding venue. Once my son turned a year old, I felt like it was time to get revisit the coordination but make it official this time! I couldn’t find a good name that I like that wasn’t already taken, so my name it was! I got started on a logo, website, and letting the public know I was offering coordination! That year I had about 10 weddings and used every single one as a learning experience. I self evaluated myself and asked others for feedback. It was always was and always will be so important to me for my business to provide the highest quality of service and maintain a very high standard of values and professionalism. That year went well, my son was growing and becoming busier, as well as my business. At the beginning of 2018, I sat down to begin working on my goals for the year. The number one goal was to make Bethany Faber Events my full time job and be able to leave my job at the wedding venue.

I want to add this disclaimer that I loved my job at Dresser Mansion and will always look back at it with fond memories. But life has seasons and all good things must come to an end. I was paying for someone else to raise my son, and coming home exhausted at the end of the work day, to turn around and begin working on my business. I loved both. But it was time for one to go. I was so passionate and determined to make my business work. And that is exactly what I freakin’ did! I July 2018, I said adios to the wedding venue and hello to self employment.

So why did I start Bethany Faber Events? Because I have a passion for helping people. I want to make sure that my clients and colleges are all taken care of. I call myself to project manager for the wedding. I make sure my client is happy and has everything they need and that my team of vendors is working properly and have everything that they need to do their job effectively. Bethany Faber Events is a passion project and I am so thankful every day to call it my job! There are a lot of people that think it sounds fun to be a wedding planner (and it is) but don’t take the time to educate themselves on how to do it. I am here to say, don’t hire that friend who is just getting into it. Don’t have your aunt to it. Because it will stress them out and cause way more stress on you than is ever necessary. People tell me all the time, I should have paid you more. I didn’t even realize how much you would handle and the peace of mind that you would bring!