5 Things You Should Rent Instead of Purchase for Your Wedding

When I got engaged, I knew nothing about wedding and event planning. When I discovered that items could be rented instead of purchased, my mind was blown! Many of the items that you use for a wedding, you won’t ever need again so it doesn’t make much sense to purchase everything. Fast forward to today, I’ve been married for 6 years and assisted in the planning of nearly 500 weddings. I’ve seen people make the mistakes and purchase items when they should have rented and saved stress, time, and money! Here are my top 5 items that should be rented instead of purchased.


It can be tempting to purchase linens online with the idea of reselling them after the wedding. But after washing, pressing, transporting, and then having to wash again after the wedding, you end up with an even bigger head ache. Not to mention that you don’t know what the quality of your online linens will be and are usually see through, and the stains that you won’t be able to remove without taking to the cleaners. Rent your linens and all you have to do is put them on the table and then take them off the table! Of course, if we are coordinating your wedding you don’t even have to do that! The same goes for china, cutlery, and linen napkins.


Candles can add some romantic light to a reception and be very impactful with little effort. But did you know that you can rent candles? Yep! Florist and rental companies offer candles with the glass cylinders or lanterns for them as well. Make sure to check with your venue to see if flameless candles are required.

Tuxes and Suits

Unless your groomsmen are CEO’s or lawyers, wearing a tux on the regular is not likely. It’s even more unlikely that it will match the rest of the wedding party if they already own one. So, opt for renting a suit or tux. Everyone will match, and they won’t have to worry about it after the wedding!


A fancy easel can be expensive to purchase. But renting can cost a fraction of the retail purchase price! Plus, what are you going to do with a big easel after the wedding?

Cake Stands

Check with your cake bakery to see their selection of cake stands! They will usually be able to give suggestions on what will match your cake design! If you are making your own cake, check your local event rental location to see their selection!

Not sure where to rent these items from? Send us an email you we will send you are favorite local vendors list!