Holiday Gift Guide - For The Man In Your Life

Here is my gift guide for the men in your life. Disclaimer-it is totally biased towards what I would get for my husband. So, you're welcome. Or, I'm sorry. 

Beard Balm. Men are growing out their beard for full, lumberjack glory. This Beard Balm conditions and keeps their skin from getting itchy. 

A new power tool. Bonus, you might be able to more easily persuade him to get some of those Honey-Do's marked off the list! 

The cool tech toy of the year, the Amazon Echo Dot. This gadget is so cool and handy. It can play your music, turn lights on/off, flip switches, control your sprinkler, open/close the garage door. And that's just some of what it can do! 

Whiskey Stones. Keep your drinks chilled without diluting them with this stainless steel and grey basalt rocks. 

A Monthly Subscription to his favorite thing. has subscription options for cigars, beer, coffee, bacon, jerky, or whatever suites your dudes fancy. It is a gift that last all year long! 

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